Alpine Coaster


No matter, whether you decided to visit Anykščiai in Winter or in summer – you will always find interesting ways to spend your free time here.
The hill of Kalita offers truly unique entertainment. Alpine Coaster is the only of its kind in our country. The track consists of 5 turns, a springboard and a loop. The roller coaster track of almost 500 m length will give you positive emotions and incredible impressionis. You can enjoy the summer sleigh ride both in summer and in winter.
So, buckle your seats and catch the wind flying down Kalita hill!

Alpine Coaster working hours
Monday  – Sunday 10:00 – 16:30

Does not work on November 1


  Price for adults
Price for childrean from 8 to 14
1 descending 2,00 1,50
1 descending for 1 person (for groups of 18 and more persons) 1,50 1,00

Terms of use

  1. Choose a safe landing speed to avoid any accidents. Minimum allowed distance between cars is 25 meters. It is strictly forbidden to hit the front car.
  2. When the alpine coaster ride ramp is wet or icy, choose a safe distance of 50 meters between the cars for your safe breaking distance.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. Seatbelts are necessary when using the amusement; remain fastened during the entire period of coaster ride. Stop only if needed.
  4. During a coaster ride, focus only forward, do not lean in any directions, avoid lying down or kneeling. Follow the road signs and obey the rules.
  5. At the end of the ride choose a safe speed of a pedestrian.
  6. Car of the coaster ride must be operated by a taller person. He must sit in the back and hold the brake lever with both hands. Person in the front must hold on to a handle at all times and avoid interrupting the person operating the car. It is strictly forbidden to touch the ramp constructions with your hands or feet!
  7. Children under three years are not allowed to use the coaster ride. Children between 3 and 8 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  8. People with physical or mental disability that cease to operate the car safely are not allowed to use the amusement on their own.
  9. Individuals intoxicated on alcohol or psychotropic substances are not allowed to use the amusement.
  10. Visitors of the alpine coaster ride must follow all the instructions provided by the staff. Persons breaking the security requirements or staff instructions are not allowed to use the amusement.
  11. You unconditionally undertake to comply with these rules on the purchase of the ticket. Breaking these rules can pose serious threat to your health.